What a sad day

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Afghans also want the hostage to be released

Yesterday, pastor Bae Hyung-kyu got killed by the Afghanistan Taleban kidnappers. For those who don't know about this, 23 Koreans, all of them church volunteers providing care for Afghanistanis, got kidnapped by Taleban on July 19. And Mr Bae, the group leader, got killed yesterday with 10 bullet holes in his body.

All Mr Bae and the 22 other volunteers were doing was to serve the Afghanistinis and still Mr Bae was slaughtered mercilessly.  

This has kept me down all day... I'm a Christian myself and have great admiration for what Mr Bae and his team did in Afghanistan. But what makes it far more difficult is actually some of the comments left by Korean netizens. Those with strong anti-christianity sentiments are leaving some of the most gross and vicious comments towards the dead and the kidnapped. I don't know what they would say if one of their family members was held hostage, or how they will react if someone else says he hopes the kidnapped person would die.

You know this story about Mr Nobel... when Mr Nobel's brother died, the local newspaper mistook it was the death of Mr Nobel himself and wrote an obituary that said something like "the evil maniac who invented men-killing bombs died". Until that moment Mr Nobel had believed he did something good for humans but with the obituary he looked at his life again and donated all his fortunes from selling dynamites. That was how the Nobel Prize began.

I want to believe that the internet has made (and is continuously making) human life better. That kind of noble thinking is what keeps those in the industry going, right? But these terrible comments left by the cowards hiding behind the annonimity sometimes make me wonder if the internet advanced human life in a good way - just like the false obituary did for Mr Nobel.

At this point, I'm just hoping the 22 remaining people will come back home safely. Please pray for them.

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