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  1. 2009/02/09 Samsung Mobile to Join the App Store Fray: Are Apps Stores Dime a Dozen?
  2. 2008/05/20 How Korea's LG became the top national brand in India (1)
  3. 2007/11/26 LG launches a corporate blog for digital TVs
  4. 2006/10/19 Domestic competition got heated too much btwn Samsung and LG?

Samsung Mobile to Join the App Store Fray: Are Apps Stores Dime a Dozen?

Mobile | 2009/02/09 23:29 | Web 2.0 Asia

Recently Samsung Mobile has been the biggest gainer in the global mobile phone market. As if it wasn't enough to become the best-selling maker in some key European markets like the UK and France, Samsung became the king of the hill in the US cellphone market last year (which apparently had been helped significantly by Motorola's skid). A side note: Another big gainer in the US cellphone market was LG; As a result, 4 out of 10 cellphones currently sold in the US now hail from S Korea.

2008 US mobile phone market share among manufacturers (source IDC)

Full of confidence, apparently Samsung wants to flex its muscle in the software market as well - Samsung has announced plan (link in Korean) to join the app store bandwagon, with its own offering of mobile app store. Official announcement is to be made in Mobile World Congress on the 16th. 

With Nokia also announcing a plan for its own app store, it's now easier to count handset manufacturers that do not have a plan for an app store. But, of course, it remains to be seen if Samsung et al can pull off creating as elegant an user experience as that of Apple's, thereby creating similar level of market success and customer satisfaction. Just remember guys - it takes whole different sets of skills. 

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Do you know what's #1 electronics brand in India? It's not Sony, Samsung, or even Tata (Not sure Tata is in electronics business, but they seem to make everything). It's LG.

Knowledge has a podcast with Y.V. Verma, who has been director of human resources and management support for LG's India division since 1997. Verma has even authored a book on LG India called "Passion: The Untold Story of LG Electronics India."

Verma says the key success factor of LG India was empowerment - handling the decision power to the local staff as a way to hire and retain good talent. Sounds easy, but it's definitely not the typical way Korean conglomerates are run, I can say.

I posted this because some of the readers might be working at a local branch of a multinational company. Mr Verma is a living evidence that you can succeed big time at multinationals, or if you are determined enough, you might even pull a book endorsement. What's cooler than writing a book? (except for blogging, that is ;-) )
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LG launches a corporate blog for digital TVs

Web 2.0 | 2007/11/26 22:36 | Web 2.0 Asia
LG Electronics recently launched a blog dedicated for its HDTV product line. In Korea, LG uses the "X-Canvas" sub-brand for high-end HDTVs and the blog is accordingly called the "X-Canvas TV Blog".

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A quick look at the recent entries include: "Introduction to Time Machine Feature" (a product feature of X-Canvas TV that records live TV broadcasting to hard disk for later playback), "X-Canvas takes the world", "X-Canvas TV commercial", "Tips on using HDMI slot", etc.

Just like the Kia Buzz blog introduced here a few months ago, LG X-Canvas blog tries to send marketing messages using a more human voice.

Man, who would have thought digital TVs will get their own blogs? So what comes next, a blog for lipsticks?
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Yesterday, LG had a big launching and PR event for its new product, "The Shine". The Shine was to be a very important product for LG, since the company wants to continue its pleasant rebound, achieved largely by its smash-hit model, the Chocolate (approx 5 million units sold so far).

No wonder LG made sure nothing goes wrong with the Shine's launch, but then suddenly Samsung made a PR on a similar product, just before the Shine launch event.

Samsung on the left, LG the right

Samsung's product had already been out there for some time and is not exactly in the same market as the Shine's - Obviously the sole purpose of Samsung's PR was to "dilute" the Shine's market impact and thereby ruining LG's party. Now LG is complaining (quite rightfully I guess) that its 10-month effort for the Shine product launch got marred by Samsung's dirty PR play.

Competition is a good thing, but when the competition gets too heated and becomes a mudfight, that's not pretty at all.

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