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Web 2.0 | 2007/09/21 02:48 | Web 2.0 Asia
Olaworks is a company that started with face recognition technology, which the company claimed was better than Riya's. Olaworks launched a photo album service with face recognition feature a few months ago, but the service didn't get so much of traction. Undeterred, the company has just launched a brand new service called Oladay.

Oladay is, in essence, a Flash-based lifelog service. User creates an "episode" by first selecting a theme out of a list of pre-defined themes, and then adding content using texts, photos, videos. Media files can be added directly or from a remote source.

After taking the service for a spin, what springs to my mind immediately are services like Scrapblog, Flip, and Vuvox. But Oladay tries to differ itself by making the service more social - other users can add comments directly on the pictures; Comment thread can be displayed in a way that resembles Twitter dialog. Obviously, Oladay wants to foster conversations around someone's lifeblog.

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