Meeting with Cherise Fong of CNN

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I met with Cherise Fong of CNN, who visited Korea to do a follow-up on CNN's previous coverage on Korean IT titled "Eye on South Korea".

I took her to Samsung's Anycall Studio in Shinchon, where Samsung displayed the latest phones. I took a picture of her with Samsung's sleek 10 megapixel camera phone and printed it out right on the spot, using the Pictbridge printer there.

사용자 삽입 이미지

Anycall Studio run by Samsung

사용자 삽입 이미지

Picture from (She's not Cherise in the picture)

Then we talked about "why Seoul" as the IT development center, how Seoul is compared to cities like Tokyo (similarity vs. difference - eg. Japanese people more into mobile than web, etc), why I started a blog in English, etc. We then went on to talk about lots of other things - favorite cities, life in HK/Seoul, family life in Asia, etc. It was a very fun conversation.

Time and again, I realize I learn tons from conversations with people. Anyone reading this blog and visiting Seoul is welcome to drop me a note and, although I'm generally quite busy, I would be happy to have a lunch/dinner/coffee with you whenever chances allow.
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