Google now #2 in Japan

Web 2.0 | 2008/01/17 00:23 | Web 2.0 Asia
(Via Hatena) Nielsen/NetRatings Japan announced Google is now #2 in Japanese market, surpassing Rakuten, in terms of number of users. These are cross-property figures, meaning the # of Google users include Youtube users as well.
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When I was in Japan, I saw quite a few Japanese people using Google search. (Google search market share in Japan is estimated around 35%). And also Youtube is very strong in Japan, partly thanks to the service's foreign basis which helps Japanese users go around the tricky Japanese IP/legal issues. Google seem to be doing fairly well in Japan, as IBM and Apple does.

In contrast, Google is not gaining much turf in the neighboring Korean market - although Korea is the world's 6th largest web market, Google has only around 1.5% market share versus local Naver's 70+%.
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