Meetup with Joyce Kim

Other | 2008/03/14 16:46 | Web 2.0 Asia
Joyce Kim is the CEO of, but she's perhaps more famous for her other gig, namely the co-host of the GigaOm Show. Yesterday Joyce visited our office and we had some fun conversations.

We talked about many things: open web standards, blogging in Asia vs. the US, good strategies for international companies to knock on the doors of the US market, etc. We also showed our product to Joyce, and she liked it very much and she suggested we should set up a presence in the Bay Area.

(By the way, when the new blog service we're developing now will be out this summer, it will first be available in Korean - but we do will launch international version soon after that. So stay tuned. :-)

Despite being someone with such (sorry Joyce, I did some Googling), Joyce Kim was very down to earth and carried conversations in a pleasantly bubbly way. Also much to my delight, she reads my blog (she talked about my blog theme before I mentioned it to her, so that's for real). I would be more delighted if I could be invited as the next guest at GigaOm Show. I'd be able to share some unique views from the East, then. I'm all yours, Om and Joyce!

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