Companies I'll write about shortly

Other | 2006/05/03 23:14 | Web 2.0 Asia
I'm thinking of profiling these Web 2.0 companies in the next few days/weeks :

  • : End-to-end photo management service (Snapfish + Flickr?) that's actually (drum rolls please) profitable! Whoever said Web 2.0 companies can't make money?
  • Ola Works : Picasa-like program that entails (surprise) superb face recognition technology and more -- Picasa + Hello + Riya
  • Tattertools : #1 Blog company of Korea (also getting some tractions in China even with zero marketing) that's leading the open source movement -- Wordpress of Asia
  • : YouTube-like service that's being spearheaded by the founder and ex-CEO of Cyworld (Just about the best track record a Web 2.0 entrepreneur can get, isn't it?)
  • Ohmynews : The icon of citizen journalism already quite well known across the world -- I'll try to focus on their new initiatives

In between, I might profile other companies, or give my 2 cents on the happenings around the Web 2.0 sphere.
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