SK Telecom, Korea's top mobile carrier, is rumored (link in Korean) to be undertaking a secret project called "Project G", or "Project Giant". 

What SKT wants to achieve through Project G is a bit murky now, but apparently the telecom giant wants to create a better mobile phone software platform, with a much improved UI (user interface). The platform/UI will likely see the light in new lines of handsets, to be OEMed by companies like HTC of Taiwan. 

All in all, this sounds very much like creating an iPhone- (or Android-) fighter. This comes on the heels of the news that SKT is also planning its own App store, a la iPhone App store. It remains to be seen if SKT's efforts to create yet another iPhone-like ecosystem will turn out ot be a good decision. But the project's codename "Giant" certainly shows the company hopes their new platform/UI/apps strategy to take off big time. 
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