I'm finally breaking out of my social media silence. Coming back from business trip and holidays, I was faced with ridiculous amount of work. 

Lift Asia 2009 is taking place in beautiful Jeju Island right next week. (September 17-18) For those who don't know, Lift is Europe's TED. It's not necessarily a tech conference per se, but there is plenty of talks on technology. LIFT is more about fundamental trends and inspirations than about, say, the latest protocol for web data exchange. How does "objects that blog about their interactions with the environment", or  "a building that changes shape in real time depending on its inhabitants' behavior" sound to you? Pretty cool, ain't it?  

LIFT's main conference is held in Europe in Spring, and the Fall event is happening in Asia. The venue for the Asian event is (just like the last year) Korea's Jeju Island - the southern-most part of the country that's arguably as tranquil/tropical/exotic as any other getaway trip destinations in South East Asia. 

Jeju Island - photo from Flickr

Of course the key difference between spending your early Fall in other nice places and Jeju is that, with LIFT Asia, you can recharge your intellectual mojo while also bathing in the sun. Speakers are definitely top-notch and are bringing with themselves lots of exciting experiences and expertise. If not for LIFT, where can you possibly meet the folks who are building next-generation robots, buildings, and games in one place? 

Well, simply saying "meet" would not be sufficient, because the networking session will make everyone into friends. Jeju's secluded environment keeps all attendees and speakers away from big-city distractions and almost force them to spend the evenings together. You want some real networking? LIFT Asia is the right conference for you to attend. You can register at LIFT's official homepage

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