1. James Ong 2010/01/01 12:20

    Hi, have just launched this website which is a free local classified ads site equipped with many Web 2.0 features such as Google Maps, advanced search, customised alerts and social networking integration.
    Am based in Singapore, but the launch countries covered are US, UK, Canada, Australia, India and Philippines.
    Hope you can consider reviewing the site. Am happy to write an article if required.

  2. joe v 2009/12/08 11:07

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  3. mario oyunları 2009/11/28 05:41

    hola!! espero te encuentres muy bien, el motivo de mi mensaje, es porque quiero saber como estas?

  4. Hannah 2009/11/16 18:10

    thx for your blog, it is one of the very few blogs focusing on Korean web 2.0 industry and therefore valuable for overseas koreans.

    It would be great if you report something about international activities of Korean Internet companies from time to time.

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/11/16 23:36

      Thanks Hanna. I will keep my eyes open.

  5. Ben Nesbit 2009/11/12 15:58

    I'm so glad I finally found your blog. I'm a university teacher in Korea. I just got done my masters in Information and Learning Technology and I am crazy about new web 2.0 tools to enhance the learning my students here. Keep up the good work!

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/11/16 23:37

      Thanks Ben. Try teaching your students how to use blog and wiki. :)

  6. mario oyunları 2009/11/11 20:11

    great blog, i am also a start up and looking to get more investors for my site,found this site very useful.

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/11/16 23:38

      Good luck with your venture investment.

  7. Elva 2009/11/04 16:01

    Very much like your blog, a window to understand the Asian e-commerce

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/11/16 23:39

      Thanks. Though I'm not an e-commerce expert, that's an area I'm definitely interested in.

  8. Saj 2009/09/11 03:24


    Just read through some of your blog, found it very intresting, i read your working for Google korea, has google change the way it crawls and index's websites..? i have seen some changes happening..

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/10/01 16:02

      Hi, in which sense, and in what language?

  9. Birdsong 2009/09/09 17:16

    Love your blog, found it through Lift Asia.
    I am a Korean adopted women who has been living in Sweden all my life. I have been in the Swedish IT and advertising business for my last 15 years. Right now I am building a platform to work with PR/Marketing between China/Korea and Sweden.

    Would love to get in touch with you in person to talk more about the Swedish social media market and development.

    I wont be able to attend Lift as it seems right now,so let´s talk through email :)


    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/10/01 16:02

      Hmm... wish I could go, but I couldn't... Hope to see you sometime though.

  10. YumchaGirl 2009/08/31 14:49

    Hi, I just came across your site while looking for Asian social networks. I have a start-up for Asian professionals - Would love for you to visit and give me your thoughts.

    Many thanks for a great blog!

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