1. sego 2009/02/18 21:34

    I’m interested in linguistic exchanges on the internet and I’ve found a website I like and I guess you would be interested in it too. It’s called and I’m currently taking classes with Korean natives in order to learn Korean well. I hate to download softwares, especially if I’m not going to use them often so I don’t use videochatting (비디오 채팅) on linguistic exchange websites but you don’t have to download any kind of software on this one. It makes it way more easy to use so I like it a lot more than the other ones I’ve tried.

  2. Yalun 2009/01/21 12:56

    Hi Mr. Chang! I often visit your blog. Your blog for me has been my source of news about Asian internet.

    I live in Canada and is a Filipino-Chinese, but no one here of course would write about what's happening in the Asian side of the internet.

    More power to you!

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2009/01/24 18:52

      Hi Yalun, thanks for the reading. Stay tuned for more! :)

  3. savaş oyunu 2008/12/27 20:02

    ı have followed your writing for a long time.really you have given very successful information.
    In spite of my english trouale,I am trying to read and understand your writing.
    And ı am following frequently.I hope that you will be with us together with much more scharings.
    I hope that your success will go on.

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2008/12/30 15:05

      Thanks savas - what country are you from, by the way?

  4. Hussain 2008/12/25 02:08


    Just came across your blog and found it really interesting. Cool... keep up the writing..


  5. Kyu-Chul Cho 2008/12/21 17:15

    Hi Chang,

    I was looking for web applications built in Rails and ended up visiting your website. I would say this blog is one of the useful websites for IT information seekers. Thanks for your articles.


    • Web 2.0 Asia 2008/12/30 15:06

      Hi Kyuchul,

      Visited your site as well - and I liked it. Where are you based in now?

  6. mint~ 2008/11/27 18:26

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  7. Joe 2008/11/17 02:27

    Dear Chang,

    I am a German graduate student preparing my final thesis about social and cultural influences on business models of social software at Saarland University (Department of Economics, Media Management).
    Thanks to your blog I've had some important insight on the subject.

    I hope you don't mind me asking you for further information, i.e. publications, literature on the subject (ex. society and social software) in order to use it for my thesis.

    I'd really appreciate your advice!
    My email adress is: .

    Thank you very much,


  8. Rich Ramalho 2008/11/01 16:29

    Thanks for the great information regarding web innovations. Keep up the great work!

  9. 한규남 2008/10/28 16:12

    창원아~ T story가 네가 만든거였다니..

    정말 놀라움의 연속이다..

    여기 온통 영어로만 쓰여있어서

    나도 영어로 남겨야하나 고민 살짝 했지만.

    그냥 한글로 남긴다. ^^

    잘 지내고, 곧 보자~

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2008/12/30 15:07

      핀란드 간대매.. .축하한다. 1년뒤에 보자~

  10. Pierluigi F. 2008/10/24 22:25

    Hi Chang, I'm a German entrepreneur looking to get more into the Korean web 2.0 startup scene and happy to have found your blog! I would be happy if I could get your email to ask you a few questions about some korean startups. I'd be glad if you drop me a line, my email is: at

    • Web 2.0 Asia 2008/12/30 15:08


      My email is embedded in the About post - and it's chang1 dot kim at gmail dot com.

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