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Upcoming speaking gigs

Other | 2008/09/02 00:20 | Web 2.0 Asia
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This week, I'll be speaking at several events. First, I was invited to speak about the future of the web in LIFT Asia. Who am I to speak about "the future of the web", I told Laurent Haug (the organizer of the event), but in the meantime I also understand LIFT is about mega-trends not the technical details, so I'll try to give a talk that's as high-level as possible.

I'll also be moderating a panel on Broadcast Worldwide (BCWW) 2008, on Wed 9/3, in the session titled "Embracing audience in evolution: User-generated content and social media economy." So if you are dropping by either LIFT Asia or the BCWW 2008, and want to have a quick chat, just drop me a note at my email.

Finally, I'll be speaking about "Turning ideas into products" in front of aspiring students at Korea University on Friday 9/6. It's always a fulfilling experience to talk in front of the students and I know I will learn from them as much as I give them.
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