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  1. 2007/11/29 Lemonpen is web highlighting and social annotation service (1)
Lemonpen, Openmaru's new service, is a web highlighting, clipping, and social annotation tool. (Again Openmaru is the open source web service arm of NC Soft.) I guess the name "Lemonpen" comes from those lemon-colored highlighting pens, which come really handy in real life.

Like other services from Openmaru, the service is beautifully designed and pleasantly easy on the eyes. They must have something in the water there ;)

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On web pages where Lemonpen script is embedded, visitors can highlight a certain part of the website (which then gets automatically clipped onto an online archive), put sticky notes, comment on other people's sticky notes, etc.

Installing Lemonpen on the webpage is as easy as embedding a single line of script code.

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Featurewise, the service looks similar to Diigo, Fleck (which I've used for quite a while as a Firefox extension), and Stickis. And the way site owners can embed a script to enable a value-adding feature for visitors somehow reminds me of Blue Organizer (I love its clean interface). But since there has not been a Korean service similar to those, Lemonpen might gain some traction in Korean market. And the beauty of the web app is, of course, Lemonpen can add more interesting features as it goes along. Lemonpen is now in closed beta, and they are receving customer feedbacks on, of course, a Springnote page (another web app from Openmaru).