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The French (Blog) Connection

Web 2.0 | 2008/01/23 12:17 | Web 2.0 Asia
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This morning I gave a presentation on the blog media trends of Korea, in front of a dozen executives from major French media companies. I could easily recognize their company names - Le Figaro, Le Monde, Marie Claire, etc.

They were particularly impressed by some of the points I mentioned:
  • The #1 movie blog in Korea has a higher traffic than the #1 traditional movie website's
  • The combined traffic to our federation of blogs (comprising of about 75 A-list bloggers) surpasses that of a well-known newspaper website
  • A Korean blogger, who used to be a simple housewife just a few years ago, is now so famous that Austrailian government turned to her to officially promote Austrailian beef in Korea
  • Last year, our company could invite presidential candidates with only 50 bloggers - In the past, could we imagine a presidential candidate spending ever-valuable two hours with only 50 people? These days, bloggers are media company CEOs and nobody treats them lightly.
Thanks again to my good old friend Benjamin for organizing this.