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Roundtable with Barry Diller

Other | 2008/11/05 14:32 | Web 2.0 Asia

Barry Diller, IAC president, is a hall-of-famer in the internet media industry. (Or, if I may use an extremely obscene American slang, he's a big swinging dick.)  IAC (Interactive Corp) is an internet services mega-store which has brands like Home shopping network, Ask.com, Ticketmaster.com, Match.com, Citysearch, and Expedia under its umbrella. (Expedia has been spun off recently.) Barry is definitely another person you can't get to meet every day.  

Couple days ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the “roundtable talks” hosted by Mr Diller, who visited Seoul in an exploratory trip. Also invited were about 10 Korean web entrepreneurs and bloggers including my pal Danny, Mr. Peter Kim (the CEO of Pandora - leading online video service provider in Korea), and Nexon VP Jimmy Kim (who recently spoke at Open Web Asia). 

Barry admitted he doesn’t know much about Korea other than that the country has a pretty advanced web and mobile service infrastructure. But after the roundtable talks, Barry was pretty impressed by some of the stories we told him about what’s happening in Korea – including stories like the X-file, the secret Powerpoint file with all kinds of dirty-laundry secrets of Korean entertainers, which had somehow been leaked to the public in 2006 and was viewed by more than 60% of all Korean internet population within the next 24 hours, proving how "connected" the Korean society is. 

During the roundtable, Barry said more than ten times “Capable companies - come to NYC and see our team”. Being in the game for long enough, I can tell what’s lip service and what’s not, and I can tell you this one is closer to the latter. So if you believe you are a truly capable company, preferably with some numbers to prove yourself, you can give a cold call to IAC and chances are they will at least take a look at you. But given their time is a scarce resource, you better be good, not just Quixotic. If you need an intro, I’d be happy to provide one. 

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