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  1. 2009/06/13 LGT sees its mobile web use grow by 600% in one year (2)

LG Telecom, Korea's third largest wireless carrier (think Softbank Mobile of Japan), announced its wireless internet service offering (branded "Oz") has seen the usage growth of 600% in just one year. The success is mostly attributed to the introduction of super-cheap flat data rate i.e. the 6,000 KRW, or roughly $5, monthly plan. Capped at 1GB of use, the plan is not unlimited - but 1GB can get you so far if you are not obsessively browsing data-heavy mobile sites. 

So it's another evidence that the biggest road block to the wider use of mobile services is the price. LGT was clever in that it didn't promote something like $20 unlimited plan, but rather lowered the barrier of entry by introducing super cheap plan that gives fairly good data use, thereby encouraging the first-time users to try out mobile data service. As of May 2009, LGT has 18% market share in Korea, while KTF has 31%, SKT 51%. 

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