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  1. 2007/12/14 Meconomy from Danny Kim

Meconomy from Danny Kim

Web 2.0 | 2007/12/14 11:53 | Web 2.0 Asia
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Taewoo Danny Kim dropped by our office the other day. Danny is, among many hats he's wearing now, the author of Technokimchi blog (in English) and the classic "Taewoo's log" (in Korean).

Now he's ready to add another item to his "Authored by Danny" list - a book. The book's title will be "Meconomy" - what a catchy name. On the book, he'll talk about the new web and its influence over the economy. The book will be published in Korean. I wanted to write a reference for the book but I've given the honor to my partner Chester.

Now that Taewoo's done with his book project, he'll soon break out of the radio silence. Expect lots more action from TechnoKimchi.
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