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  1. 2009/02/03 Now There's a Cellphone that Detects Your Breath (2)

Now There's a Cellphone that Detects Your Breath

Mobile | 2009/02/03 11:09 | Web 2.0 Asia

In Korea, the "haptic UI" phones (namely the touch screen phones) were all the rage in 2008. Now, Korean cellphone maker Pantech hopes it can further extend this new trend of "human-touch" phone UI. 

Pantech has introduced a new mobile phone with an integrated wind sensor. You can navigate through the phone's menus by, say, blowing a gentle whistle on the phone's screen. The phone also has a mobile game that you control with your breath. 

Now, I think this is a bit of an overkill, especially as the sensor is physical (hence the name "wind sensor") not chemical. If my cellphone, for whatever reason, must have a breath sensor, I'd like it to be able to detect bad breath or double up as an alcohol detector. 

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