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  1. 2008/01/10 How much is your idea?

How much is your idea?

Other | 2008/01/10 14:10 | Web 2.0 Asia
A major Korean TV channel, SBS, aired an interesting TV program called "Idea - How much?" the other day.

The TV show is basically an idea auction. Contestants pitch their business idea and tens of CEOs in the panel buy the idea in an instant auction.

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Among several ideas pitched during the show, what was bought at the highest price was the idea to turn PC screen savers into online streaming video. The idea was purchased at KRW 700m (roughly US$ 750k). Not a bad return for a single guy.

PC screen savers normally display flying Windows logos or other boring stuff. The person came up with an idea to turn these boring screen savers into online video streaming service - when your PC goes into sleep mode, your PC computer monitor plays streaming video, such as update news or movie trailers, instead of flying Windows logo.

Actually, it was more than just an idea - the person actually turned his idea into a product after years of research and now has 5 million users, he claims. If that's true, US$ 750k might be just about the right price.
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