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  1. 2008/01/04 '08 wishlist #1: To help Korean ventures gain more global visibility (7)

'08 wishlist #1: To help Korean ventures gain more global visibility

Other | 2008/01/04 16:23 | Web 2.0 Asia
Sorry about the recent blog silence - a lame old excuse of "I've been busy" applies here again. Turns out, my partner Chester has been sick (pneumonia) and I had to do all housework around here.

To give some fresh air to my blog, I changed the theme (as Angus points out, the beautiful background is indeed Hong Kong). I also put up a new profile image - Yes, I'm not a girl and the image is fake, but hey, we all know a cute Korean actress is more eye-pleasing than a middle aged man with thinning hairs.

My key mission for this blog in 2008 will be to help Korean web companies become more visible in global market. I will try to meet more people from Korean web industry and relay their insights through this blog. I will also try carrying my digital camera around for some photowalking whenever possible.

In 2008, I will also try putting the idea of pan-Asian web conference into action. Upon my previous post, many people said encouraging things about the idea. The challenge is, I'm a blog business guy, not a conference business guy, so I'll have to seek major help here.

P.S. I'm already (nearly) finished with one of my other 08 wishes - a complete Mac transition.
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