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  1. 2008/05/20 Daum search traffic surged, helped by cafe search
Daum, Korea's #2 portal, had 27M monthly search queries in April (link in Korean), a 75% increase over two months.

For portals, search is the name of the game, and Daum's position in Korea is no better than Yahoo's in the US. Naver, the top dog, has over 70% market share. Daum didn't hide its intention to play a catch-up game in search market, and their weapon of choice was to introduce better search over its "cafe" (web bulletin board) content.

Daum believed web BBSes are some great archives of useful knowledge, and the strategy seems to pay off, judging from Daum's search market share gains. A few posts before, I called BBS a rather older system - now, BBS combined with very robust search might be an entirely different story.
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