Got a new SB phone - Where's Myspace Japan?

Mobile | 2007/08/04 10:19 | Web 2.0 Asia
My AU phone died on me - by my mistake. Couple days ago, stepping out of my apartment's front gate on my way to work, I realized I didn't bring my phone, so I asked my wife to drop it from the window of our third-floor apartmment. As she threw the phone she got a bit scared and threw it rather awkwardly.
I'll leave what happened next to your imagination. Lesson: Even if you are in a hurry, don't have someone drop something valuable from a third floor apartment.
So I brought the phone to AU shop, and they told me fixing the phone could cost me up to 10,000 yen (approx $100). Instead of fixing the phone, I paid that money for lease-breaking penalty and switched to Softbank. (Had to pay another 5,000 yen for MNP handling fees.)
When I got a shiny new Softbank Samsung phone, I didn't only notice the phone's service features, but also the lack thereof. I don't know why, but I kinda expected the phone would have an integrated shortcut to Myspace Japan.
But apparently Softbank phones don't feature hot keys for Myspace Japan yet - and this led me to wonder how the service is doing.
사용자 삽입 이미지
When Softbank announced it will bring Myspace to Japan, there were expectations Myspace Japan could potentially become a game changer as Softbank (Yahoo) is so dominating in Japan. With SB Mobile's aggressive pricing plan and huge marketing featuring Cameron Diaz, Japanese people know when Softbank goes at something, the company goes at it hard. Which could be why Softbank was regarded as the most likely carrier to bring iPhone to Japan in a recent survey.
But at least for the time being, Myspace Japan isn't that impressive. I checked out Myspace Japan and I could strongly sense that the site is quickly turning into the turf for those who have ties with/aspirations towards the US culture. Some Japanese youths are following what's often called "LA style" i.e. the culture of rap-listening, beard-growing, Hummer-driving Asian American hunkies. Myspace Japan reminded me of that - maybe it's just me but anyway that's how I felt.
I've Googled Myspace Japan and the only fresh news I could find was their . It will be interesting to see how Softbank will tie up Myspace Japan with the company's existing service assets, thereby winning the mainstream Japanese users back from Mixi and Mobage. 
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