Mobile Lie Detector? Gimme a Break...

Mobile | 2007/08/06 21:19 | Web 2.0 Asia
Today I stumbled upon these mobile content services offered in Korea through KTF (#2 carrier): "Mobile Lie Detector" and "Mobile Love Detector".  

사용자 삽입 이미지 사용자 삽입 이미지
Mobile Lie Detector works like this: You call someone by dialing "*007*" first, followed by the person's original phone number. (Well, at least the good thing is the amount of extra effort is quite small).
Then the Mobile Lie Detector service, which sits in the middle of the conversation (how creepy), analyses the person's voice pattern to detect whether the person is lying or not.
On the service's introduction webpage says "this Mobile Lie Detector service is to be used only for an entertainment purpose and cannot be used for a legal purpose." I'm not sure since when a lie detector has been called an "entertainment" device. 
Moble Love Detector works pretty much in a similar way: You meet someone at a first date, and call him/her up to find out if s/he is really interested in you.
The underlying technology for both services, according to the service provider, is a high-end voice analysis technology that's used for anti-terrorist initiatives.
Well, I think both Mobile Lie Detector and Mobile Love Detector not only have potential privacy issues (the other person not knowing if his/her voice is being analysed and so on), but also are quite dubious in terms of accuracy. Plus, if I want to find out if someone's lying on me or not, I'll just ask him or her on the face.
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