A presidential election is certainly a boon for the media industry, in any countries. Elections also often serve as a launch pad for the "new media" - a good example is Ohmynews, which rose to the fame helped by the '02 presidential campaign.

That's why many new media companies in Korea, often called the "UCC (User-created Content) companies", are eyeing squarely for the upcoming presidential election. One such example is the recent "Meet the Bloggers" where a presidential candidate, Mr Kuk-hyun Moon, had an open conversation with 50+ bloggers. (Note: the event was run by our company.)

The whole event was televised real-time via Gom TV, a leading online video service. According to Gom TV, Meet the Bloggers was the first non-entertainment program that made to the top 10 most popular programs list. It will be interesting to see which UCC companies will capitalize on the upcoming national election most successfully.

사용자 삽입 이미지

I and Mr Moon, a Korean presidential candidate

(Photo in courtesy of Bklove)
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