Quick chat with Bernard Moon

Other | 2007/10/09 17:53 | Web 2.0 Asia

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Pic from Venturebeat

Yesterday I and Chester (my partner) had a lunch with Bernard Moon of Goingon Networks. Turns out, he's a terrific guy. Originally from Chicago, he's got this midwestern friendliness. On top of it, Moon has extensive experiences with technology.

I'll save all the business talks from the lunch. Just one thing to be noted, though: The K-group. There are quite a few Koreans working in the Bay Area, but the industry network among the Korean tech professionals around the Bay Area have been pretty weak. K-group looks to be quite new, and as of August '07 there are around 300 members. Given there are expected to be tens of thousands of Koreans in the Bay Area, many of them presumably working in the tech sector, I guess the K-group has some large room to fill with new members.

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