Will video calling take off one day?

Mobile | 2007/10/24 12:50 | Web 2.0 Asia
(This post was inspired by this recent Seoul Digital City entry)

Since the arrival of 3.5G HSDPA network in Korea, wireless carriers such as SKT and KTF have been busy trying to find the "killer app" that's compelling enough to have people switch to the high-speed network. The killer app most frequently advertised so far is video calling. But video calling isn't anywhere close to mass adoption yet, i.e. no one I know is using it.

Meanwhile, carriers are still focusing their ads on educating users on video call features. Following are some of the ads, which as Seoul Digital City could rightly tell, are "providing tips on how to be sexybeautifulappealing when on video-call". Korean gals have a knack for taking web cam photos in a way that makes themselves look cuter/prettier than they actually are. Advertisers are perhaps trying to relay the message that video calling is another medium on which the gals can do similarly fun stuff.

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