Wibro entering into early majority in Korea?

Mobile | 2007/11/09 12:48 | Web 2.0 Asia
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This morning, I got an email from our company's PR chief on her morning schedule. She said in the email, "This email is being writting in taxi - I just love Wibro."

It's one thing to see Wibro on news etc, and it's another to see it in action in your everyday life. Our PR chief is tech savvy enough to have been doing the PR work for tech companies for over 10 years, but she isn't exactly a gadget-phile type who checks out Engadget several times a day. It means Wibro just might be entering into the early majority stage in Korea.

But in terms of stats, Wibro looks far from being a smash hit, at least not yet - Wibro devices are far outnumbered by 3G mobile handsets, for example.