LG launches a corporate blog for digital TVs

Web 2.0 | 2007/11/26 22:36 | Web 2.0 Asia
LG Electronics recently launched a blog dedicated for its HDTV product line. In Korea, LG uses the "X-Canvas" sub-brand for high-end HDTVs and the blog is accordingly called the "X-Canvas TV Blog".

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A quick look at the recent entries include: "Introduction to Time Machine Feature" (a product feature of X-Canvas TV that records live TV broadcasting to hard disk for later playback), "X-Canvas takes the world", "X-Canvas TV commercial", "Tips on using HDMI slot", etc.

Just like the Kia Buzz blog introduced here a few months ago, LG X-Canvas blog tries to send marketing messages using a more human voice.

Man, who would have thought digital TVs will get their own blogs? So what comes next, a blog for lipsticks?
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