Cyworld to go 3D - Second life contender?

Web 2.0 | 2007/11/21 12:22 | Web 2.0 Asia
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This is not exactly a breaking news - the blogosphere has talked about this all the time since summer. But the other day, SK Communications had press conference and rather officially announced their plan to transform the famous Cyworld service into a 3-D service.

Digital Times (note: link in Korean) reports on the press conference that Cyworld is looking to change the current "mini room" and "mini me" features into a 3-D virtual space, something that will probably resemble Second Life. SK Communications does not hide the fact that they were inspired by Second Life when they came up with this notion of a 3-D Cyworld.

Mini room and Mini me features basically display a user's avatar in a virtual room. The virtual room can be decorated with virtual items purchased through Cyworld's item shop, where "Dotori" or acorns is the virtual currency - equivalent of Linden dollars in Second Life.

Shin Cho, the newly appointed co-CEO of SK Communications, said: "The key difference between Cyworld 3D and Second Life is that... Second Life mostly provides ready-made content, while Cyworld 3D will focus on providing user-created content." We might imagine Cyworld 3D users visiting someone else's 3D virtual room and watch the video content he or she had shot and uploaded there.

SK is planning to roll out Cyworld 3D early next year. 
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