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Web 2.0 | 2008/01/08 11:18 | Web 2.0 Asia
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I met with Ian Kwon (link in Korean) of Qbox yesterday. He's the person heading all Qbox operations in the US now. Qbox has been focusing on product development so far, and they are ready to go full-fledged with beta service.

Qbox, again, is a game-changing online music discovery service. Most people today consume their music in digital format, which means music files sit in servers as much as they do on local hard drives.

Qbox lets you look up all songs publicly available on internet servers, e.g. what users publicly put on their Myspace and Youtube pages. The result is a free internet jukebox with almost endless volume of music library. Qbox also has other features, such as "music markup" tool that allows user to tag music file more specifically so that it can be indexed by search engines better. For details, see my previous post.

If you reside in the US, you can access qbox.com (it will redirect you to us.qbox.com) and take the service for a spin - other regions will have to wait a bit more, Ian says.

They are ready to go public beta. Their key to success, in my opinion, will be "Myspace marketing", or how to increase service awareness among Myspace users. The door to funding is still wide open, Ian says.

I don't have any affiliations to this company/service but I see Qbox clearly has potential to become a hit, arguably more so than MusicShake - a Techcrunch 40 wunderkid and another great service.
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