KT a slow growth company

Mobile | 2006/06/13 10:44 | Web 2.0 Asia
With 12 billion dollars in sales, KT (Formally Korea Telecom) is one of the biggest companies in Korea. But as an incumbent telco, KT seems to be undergoing a rather slow growth. They might actually see a decreased revenue this year.

KT's broadband business, a traditionally high-growth business that's doing about 3 billion USD, is largely considered to have reached its peak last year.

The lesson here: Mobile carriers might soon face a similar situation as the one KT is in now. That is, rather high revenues but very slow growth. Mobile data revenue is already stagnant. We'll see how things will turn out for wireless carriers.

PS. Team Korea is having its first match of this worldcup against Togo tonight. Go Korea !