Meet-up with Angus Lau

Web 2.0 | 2008/05/27 21:41 | Web 2.0 Asia
Hong Kong-based Angus Lau is the author of 852 Signal blog, and is with the online spreadsheet company EditGrid. He's also part of the working group behind the upcoming Asia Web Conference.

Angus was born in HK, educated in the US, worked in Shanghai where he met his Korean wife (the couple communicate in Mandarin), and is now back at HK after working in Japan and the US for quite some time. Man, talk about metropolitan life.

I had the pleasure of meeting and having a pleasant chat with Angus last week. Angus said Hong Kong is perhaps too small a market for web startups to gain sizeable market traction. And of course the VC environment for web startups isn't exactly that of the Valley. Which is why companies in HK, just like Korean companies, should either globalize or die, I think.
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Thanks again Angus for taking out your time. By the way, the Chelsea jersey in the above picture is from the years when I worked at Samsung Mobile's marketing division, when we started sponsoring the football club. Back in 2005, there were a lot of doubts if Samsung's humongous sponsorship will pay off. Now it turns out the Chelsea sponsor deal was one of the best marketing decisions Samsung Mobile ever made, many say.
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