Jaxtr broadens its coverage in the Asian market

Other | 2008/05/29 01:10 | Web 2.0 Asia
Jaxtr, a leading internet phone company, announced they are expanding to a host of countries including Korea, Singapore, and Malaysia.

To bypass expensive international phone charges, callers can now get a free local number in their country from jaxtr to dial directly – on any mobile or landline phone – without the hassle of extra numbers or access codes. This is a permanent number that callers can save in their address book and use to dial directly each time they want to call their friend abroad.

Here's how Jaxtr works: Visit www.jaxtr.com and link your phone to the Web. You’ll receive a personalized link, called a jaxtr link, which allows your friends to call you – for free – using any mobile or landline phone. Your friends simply click on the jaxtr link and enter their number. Jaxtr then generates a local number in their country that your international friends can save and use whenever they want to call you, without being tethered to their computer or getting the shock of a huge bill.

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It seems that Skype and other internet phone companies are making hard efforts to launch into the Asian market, in order to expand their geographic territories. Recently, Skype installed campus-wide free phone service at Hankook University of Foreign Studies, a foreign studies-dedicated university in Korea. Students at the university, who make frequent international calls (given the nature of their institute), can make free (or very cheap) calls anywhere on campus - Skype says. When Skype installs a cheap phone service at a Korean university, you know the internet phone service (VoIP) market is becoming mainstream.
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