Google Korea (disclaimer: the author's current employer) announced the company will provide free wireless internet service in . (Link in Korean.) Just open up your notebook computer (or any other Wifi-enabled device) in any Starbucks coffeeshop, click the "Use free internet" button, and you are ready to surf the web - No subscriptions or log-ins required. 

Photo from Google Korea blog

Now, there is another country that I'm dying to see a service like this to be rolled out - Japan. One of the biggest inconveniences I experience when I travel to Japan is no free Wifi in coffeeshops. Probably due to such a prevelant use of 3G Keitais, not many of the local Japanase folks seem to be so much bothered by the lack of Wifi in coffeeshops - but I assume many foreigners, espeically business travelers, would appreciate it if they can drop by a Starbucks in Shibuya and check some emails while sipping on a latte. 
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