Season's greetings, with a fun picture

Other | 2008/12/23 20:33 | Web 2.0 Asia

It's holiday season, so probably a casual posting with a fun photo won't hurt. 

I somehow stumbled upon the picture on the left, and I think the photo kind of epitomizes how much the use of technology is prelevant in the everyday Korean life. 

Obviously, the person is climbing on the steep, rocky side of a mountain (Korea is a pretty mountainous country). Even up there we have cell phone signals; And even in the midst of climbing the guy still picks up the phone. 

Yes, Korea is such a highly connected society - but the potential downside is that there is really no way you can hide from the technology. Maybe the guy in the picture should cut himself loose more often - pun intended :) Anyhow, happy holidays to all Web 2.0 Asia readers, and see ya'll next year!
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