See? I told ya Asian bloggers are different

Web 2.0 | 2009/02/27 14:36 | Web 2.0 Asia

A Seoul-based blog marketing company called Blogyam published "Blogosphere Insight", a report on Korea's blog users. The report looked at more than 57,000 blogs from 7 major blog services (Naver, Daum, Tistory, Egloos, Empas, blog, Chosul Ilbo blog), and 13 million blog posts - quite extensive coverage, hence a good credibility, I guess. 

First of all, in Korea, teens were the biggest age group among bloggers, and overall there were more female blolggers than male bloggers. Remember the figures do NOT count Cyworld minihompies - we are talking about *blogs* (think Bloggers and Voxes.)

This was a bit surprising to me as most bloggers I know are guys. But the report shows this is indeed the case for my age (30's). Bloggers in their thirties are 70% male, 30% female; However, for teen bloggers it's exactly the reverse - 70% girls, 30% boys. In the picture blow, blue graph represents female, while the pink part represents male. (Who said pink is for girls?)

In terms of blog topics, music came out as the most topular theme. It was followed by daily musings, animation/manga, photos, game, travel, movies, IT/computer, and so on. Interestingly enough, Japan was one of the major topics, with nearly 2% of blogs touching the topic. It is observed that Korean bloggers usually like to write about casual topics, such as entertainment and daily musings, rather than serious topics. 

Posting behavior of Korean bloggers also turned out to be different from that of the US bloggers. Among all blog posts, a whopping 69% had at least one photo/image in the them. Nearly 20% of all posts had either video or music embedded in the post too. 

69% of blogs have photo

18.6% of blogs have music/video

However, only 22% of all posts were text-only blogs. This shows Korean blogging involves heavy use of multimedia files. In one way or another, the Korean way of blogging is turned out to be different from that of the US - and I assume this would be the case for other Asian cultures as well. 

Text-only: 22%

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