Video Search 2.0?

Web 2.0 | 2006/09/12 17:43 | Web 2.0 Asia

I ran across this article (note: in Korean) a few days ago. To roughly translate the article:

"Naver (#1 portal in Korea) and SBS (#3 broadcasting company in Korea) will work together to enable more effective video search, one that will allow users to find the scene they are interested in."

Knowing that video search today only means searching the texts or tags associated with video clips, an article like this didn't exactly excite me. But I still gave it a spin anyway.

As expected, although SBS's video service does offer "Find the Scene" menu, it's only searching the texts that are apparently entered manually.

This seems an ineffective and costly practice -- either SBS itself or the content provider has to operate its own staff to put texts manually. Hopefully SBS will incorporate some smart ways to use the power of collective intelligence and have the users themselves enter texts on specific scenes within the video clips (a fun reference: )

We've always heard the story that in the future people will be able to find video scenes by searching the embedded tags (aka "deep tags"). Is this a pipe dream, or a soon-to-be-with-us feature?

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