A blogger's brave journey

Other | 2007/03/24 01:41 | Web 2.0 Asia
My good friend Taewoo Danny Kim is planning a trip to the US to do interviews with some “A-list bloggers” and other well-known Web 2.0 figures. Taewoo is among Korea’s top Web bloggers and is planning to soon launch a new pan-Asian IT blog, tentatively titled “TechnoKimchi.” What a name! :) 

What’s noteworthy about Taewoo’s travel plan is not only the planned list of interviewees. He wants to do something that’s not been tried before in Korea - covering the travel cost with the donation from his blog readers, with the promise of returning the favor with good content on his blog.

It’s not that Taewoo can’t afford the travel cost of roughly $6,000 - heck, even I have that kind of money at my free disposal, and most people are richer than me. :) Taewoo just wants to prove that  people (ie. blog readers) can actually open their wallets and make donation to a blogger purely out of a hope that the outcome of such donation, in the form of better blog content, will ultimately benefit them back.

Collective sponsoring, People-powered interview.... However you call it, I hope this experiment of Taewoo’s will succeed.
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