Will Asia become like Europe?

Other | 2007/03/30 20:15 | Web 2.0 Asia

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Europe: Home to Easyjet

When I was at Samsung, I was doing a lot of Europe-related work. Anyone who's familar with European business should know how much of flying is involved. If you are doing business in London, you should be familar with flying the 6 AM flight to Frankfurt to attent the 10AM meeting, and getting back to London the same day. EU is getting more and more economically unified and what that often means to businesspeople is more and more frequent inter-country flights.

I met a person a few days ago in Tokyo and he said he's expecting the Asian market to soon become very much like the EU. He expects businesspeople in China, Korea, and Japan (and possibly other countries as well) will travel to the other countries as much as the EU people do. He's expecting this trend will emerge first from the web industry, and also from the blogosphere. (Well, do bloggers have enough money to travel all the time? I don't know.)

Or, will this happen at all? One of the commenters on my blog once said that Japan, China, and Korea, and other Asian countries are simply too different in terms of language and culture to allow the regional business to flourish. I think he could be right, but then is Europe any different in that regards? In fact they are so different that you can have a book full of jokes about a country making fun of the other countries.

In any case, I hope that one day the Asian web industry will get more tightly cooperating with each other and form a good regional market. For starters, I think it's time we now have a pan-Asian Web conference or barcamp. Or a pan-Asian blogger network.

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