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Guest Blogger

Other | 2006/05/18 11:47 | Web 2.0 Asia

Despite being a newbie blogger (28 days of blogging, to be exact), I'd like to invite guest bloggers. It would be a great honor for me.

The first blogger to whom I sent an invitation email (and who kindly accepted it) was Mr. Tangos Chan of the famous China Web 2.0 Review.

I like the word "Beseto", short for Beijing - Seoul - Tokyo. (Sorry that Shanghai folks or people from other Asian countries are not included, but I didn't make the term, sorry). It would be great to see tech companies in Beseto get together at a joint conference, or at least have some online space to exchange information and learn more about the IT industry of the other countries. By the way, a pan-Asia football league like UEFA won't hurt, either :-)

Although I very much anticipate to meet Tangos in person, I'll have to push that to the next time, so I'll interview him by email. You will soon see the email interview right here.