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  1. 2007/11/20 Rollinglist.com brings people around shared lists
Openmaru is a company best known for its wiki solution, Springnote, which was recently featured on Read/write web.

Openmaru is actually a subsidiary of NC Soft, the company behind the massively popular Lineage game. For those of you who don't play games, Lineage is the world's second most popular online game, only behind World of Warcraft.

NC Soft, though hugely popular in gaming industry, probably wanted to dabble at other areas of web service, so the company has set up an independent biz unit - hence the beginning of Openmaru. NC Soft has pretty deep pocket anyway.

As well as Springnote, Openmaru is churning out interesting web apps. One of such apps is Rolling List. Rolling List, in essence, is something similar to 43things.com, where someone starts a conversation thread and others chime in with their own entries, thereby creating social network around a specific topic or "list".

With Rolling List, for example, a user can start a conversation titled "Things to make sure about before having her in your room", where others can add "lists" such as: "Clean up the space but don't be too clean and make yourself look like a germ freak", "Get rid of your porn DVDs", "Get some munch-ons ready", etc. The service has social networking elements - for example, the people who participated in the same list can view others' profile.

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Services like Rolling List has a certain appeal as people naturally like to have conversations around a single topic and share differnet views/opinions. Looks like Openmaru is poised to introduce many more interesting web apps down the road. I'll take them for a spin and share the experience here.