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  1. 2007/08/31 Omnitel and the original Cyworld founder launches a new social network

Omnitel and the original Cyworld founder launches a new social network

Web 2.0 | 2007/08/31 08:53 | Web 2.0 Asia
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Omnitel, a Korean mobile software and service company, launched a new social network called NPlugs, in partnership with the original founder of Cyworld (Mr Yongjun Hyung) and two other companies. Some news articles already call this new social network service "the second Cyworld" - perhaps not because of its amazing features but because of the fact the service was designed by the original founder of Cyworld.

(As in the case of Mr Hyung, you hit the jackpot once, and it becomes easier the second time, as reputations last long. M. Night Shamalan's subsequent movies after the Sixth Sense all failed but he's still regarded as the legend and there could be a long line of investors for his next film (I'm just getting though). So what are you doing these days to hit your own jackpot?)

Anyhow, NPlugs service is based on a concept called "Personal Resource Planning (PRP)". Mr Hyung has asserted that, as ERP is an essential part of an enterprise now, PRP will become a central part of a person’s life. What is “personal resource”? On today's web, it now mostly means digital content such as photo and video, but in the future "personal resource" will increasingly include more things such as call and SMS history, product purchase list and wishlist, and even the TV program watchlist and the food consumed (emitted by RFID tags in the fridge etc). And as such, keeping up with and sharing those personal resources will become increasingly important for a social network service and perhaps it's where the future of the web is heading to, according to Mr Hyung.

Obviously there's not much content available about the service as it's not open yet - there's just a "teaser" page. But the service is expected to embody the concept of PRP. There's a mention that a zyb-like feature such as uploading one's mobile phonebook and sharing multimedia files will be included in NPlugs, but for more details, we'll have to wait until the service launches officially.
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