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  1. 2008/06/17 Article on Naver and Walled Garden (for the OECD Ministerial Meeting)
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OECD Ministerial Meeting is being held in Seoul, Korea, on 17-18 June 2008. As the theme of the meeting for this meeting is "The Future of the Internet Economy", I was honored to be asked to contribute a piece on emerging web technology.

The following is my article - a pretty high-level overview on Naver's domination in the Korean market and the pressure on the company to embrace the open internet further. I tried to be as objective as possible - Trust me, I'm not a blind-folded Naver basher. It's a rather long article (2 1/2 pages long) but it will be a good food for thought, even for those outside of the Korean web industry. For better viewing, click on the top rightmost button (fullscreen mode).

Read this document on Scribd: 080612 OECDministry futureOfWeb