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  1. 2007/09/04 UCCddl is location-based content syndication service

UCCddl is location-based content syndication service

Web 2.0 | 2007/09/04 22:58 | Web 2.0 Asia
First of all, UCCddl (note: the site is in Korean) is pronounced somewhat like "UCC dull" but with a very strongly pronounced "d" - obviously some Korean services don't care so much about non-Korean users when they come up with a new service name. The word "ddul" means "garden". The service is a brainchild of the KT (Korea Telecom) lab.

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The service is a location-based content publishing and syndication service. User can first choose a geographic location by clicking on map and then upload photos, videos, and texts associated with that spot. User can also upload pics from GPS-equipped devices.

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Pick a location...

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...and upload media

Once the content is uploaded, it is displayed on a map and can be viewed by other visitors.

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In Korea, the word "UCC" (standing for user-created content) is, for some reason, synonymous with Youtube-like online video services. So it looks like the forte of the UCCddl service, as suggested by its domain name, is supposed to be the mashup of video clips with a specific geographic spot. So the idea is, people look up and consume video clips associated with a specific location, possibly on their mobile phones too.

But frankly this kind of idea has been contemplated by practically everyone in the industry for the last decade or so. I think the name of the game here won't be so much the breakthrough ideas as a seamless and robust execution. And UCCddl isn't particularly impressive both in ideas and in execution.
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