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  1. 2009/01/12 Yahoo Korea CEO jumps ship to Microsoft Korea (2)
  2. 2008/09/01 Naver Japan announces what it's up to, finally after 3 years
  3. 2008/04/08 Japan's Livedoor frontpage renewal puts more focus on blog
  4. 2007/08/23 If Google has Checkout, Yahoo has Yahoo! Wallet
  5. 2006/09/12 Yahoo Korea's Star Search: "The Next Jerry Yang"

Yahoo Korea CEO jumps ship to Microsoft Korea

Other | 2009/01/12 11:49 | Web 2.0 Asia

Photo from Joins.com

(Via ) Kim James Woo, CEO of Yahoo Korea and Overture Korea, will take the leadership role at Microsoft Korea starting from February. I first met James when he did panel for Open Web Asia '08. James is an industry veteran, who has extensive experience at various US and Korean tech firms, and also degrees from UCLA and Harvard Business School under his belt. 

Yahoo's brain drain is no secret by now, but the news of Yahoo Korea leader moving on to become Microsoft Korea leader has really caught me off guard. But don't call the story interesting until, if it ever happens, Microsoft turns around and finally buys Yahoo. Don't seal off those champaign chillers from the farewell party too soon - you might use them again for possible reunion parties. You never know. 

James is certainly a top notch executive, well proven by his track records, but he's facing some formidable challenges to take up a notch Microsoft Korea's internet business, which "struggles to be relevant in the Korean market" as Korea Times puts it. Of course taking Microsoft's internet business up a notch wouldn't be a formidable challenge only for James - it would be the agenda for the whole Ballmer & Co. But hey, how can life be fun without difficult challenges? :) I wish all the good luck for James and Microsoft Korea. 
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"Naver Japan is building a new web search service", its changed homepage now says - duh, no surprise whatsoever there, but some take it as a sign that Naver may have finally become ready to roll out its new search service in Japan. Naver has kept its website closed for some years. 

사용자 삽입 이미지

Naver search had actually launched in the Japanese market earlier (circa 2005), but the service didn't make any splashes - it even saw some backlashes, as Naver search engine's crawler ("Naverbot") was found to make too frequent attempts to index websites and the Japanese web admins didn't like that, leading to their blocking of Naverbot.

Since, Naver has been investing wholeheartedly in the new search service for the Japanese market. Along with Baidu, Naver is trying hard to crack into the lucrative Japanese market, but it remains to be seen if Naver (or Baidu) will win enough users away from the dominating Yahoo Japan or the growing Google Japan. And there are also other local players like Goo, who understand the local market much better. Unless the service delivers a significantly better performance, it will be very difficult for Naver, a service that clearly carries a Korean image, to lure users away from Yahoo Japan.
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Japan's Livedoor frontpage renewal puts more focus on blog

Web 2.0 | 2008/04/08 23:52 | Web 2.0 Asia
Japan's Livedoor, which once was a posterchild web company of Japan (before the infamous financial scandal, of course), launched a renewed main page. The central theme of the renewal seems to be blogging.

사용자 삽입 이미지

Livedoor lists 11 major changes on the new website: Five out of those eleven are blog-related, such as a direct link to blogging, blog news, blog keywords, and blog ranking.

사용자 삽입 이미지

With close to 2.5 million users, Livedoor is a leading blog service provider of Japan, the company claims. Focusing on blogging seems a right, almost inevitable choice for Livedoor: Japan's internet portal market is being dominated by Yahoo! Japan, a service that's so successful as to have even .

Meanwhile, it's interesting to note that major portals in Asia are putting more and more focus on blogging. Korea's Naver is all about blog (so is the company's ex-CEO), Cyworld is launching a new blog service, and now Livedoor is essentially turning into a blog portal. This makes sense as user-generated content becomes the king, the tools to help users easily create content on the web becomes more important - and the first among those tools is, obviously, blog. In that regard, our company seems to be in the right business (Ehem, sorry about the navel-gazing.)
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If Google has Checkout, Yahoo has Yahoo! Wallet

Web 2.0 | 2007/08/23 23:22 | Web 2.0 Asia
(Via Hatena) Yahoo! Japan announced it will make its online payment and transaction service, , publicly available.

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Initially the Yahoo! Wallet service will be available only to Yahoo! Shopping merchants, but the service will eventually become available to everyone.
As more and more users become "prosumers" and will engage in P2P commerce by selling stuff on their sites (blogs etc), services like Yahoo! Wallet will come in handy.
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Yahoo Korea's Star Search: "The Next Jerry Yang"

Other | 2006/09/12 16:55 | Web 2.0 Asia

Yahoo Korea has announced the winners for its annual business plan competition, dubbed "In Search of the Next Jerry Yang." (Link in Korean)

The first place winner, a 19 year old college girl named Hane Kim, won the cash prize of 10 million Won (that's approximately 10K US dollars - you probably gasped thinking I meant 10 mil dollars, heheh)

Next Jerry Yangs?

Ms Kim's $10K idea, titled "The Guy", is reported to center around the notion of the six degrees of separation (the Kevin Bacon story). Although there's no further details about the business plan, I'm assuming a service where user can find the people connected to him/her through some other people. ("Geez, I didn't know George Bush was connected to me via only 4 connections" you know.)

By the way, turning to amateurs for inspirations and new ideas is nothing new - a practice done even by the mobile phone manufacturers for new phone design.

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