Chang 2.0

Other | 2006/11/09 17:22 | Web 2.0 Asia

Yesterday my career transition has become public. I am now no longer with Samsung Electronics, one of the world's most prestigious and successful companies which I'll always be thankful for. I took the CEO post at a Web 2.0 company that's small yet has enormous potential. Yes, I'm Chang 2.0 now. :)

The company I'm joining is the maker of Tattertools blogging tool (which powers this blog). So why does the world need another blog software when it has Typepad and Wordpress? I think there are some reasons why we have a shot:

1. The blog market still has room for growth - The market is still growing, leaving room for niche players. Google was not the first company to develop the search engine; Meebo was not the first IM. Likewise, the blog market will be seeing new players with fresh innovations. For example, I don't see any blogging tool out there that truly harnesses the power of group talk among bloggers. I mean we got Vox and Wordpress mu but they are not easy and elegant enough yet.

2. Asian blogging market is not being very well addressed by the US players (Six apart, Wordpress etc) - Due to various reasons including cultural difference and language localization, US blog tools are not being widely used in Asia. Asian countries have their own local players, whose blog tools are often subpar.

3. Korea is the hotbed of web/mobile innovations. Tattertools has 87% market share in Korean blog software market. An overwhelming percentage of influential Korean bloggers use our blog tool. And those bloggers want to form communities which they hope will evolve into micromedia. Korea, just like in other areas of internet, can be the sandbox of this blog-community-media transition, and Tattertools is in the best position to foster this transition and take the outcome overseas.


For the last couple of weeks my posting on this blog had been very slow. Now since all dusts from my career change came down, I'll gear up my blogging effort once again.