KT (Korea Telecom) announced it will start offering a $3-per-month unlimited wireless internet access plan for the users of its "NESPOT" WLAN hotspot service.

This means that the iPod touch users who have Skype account can practically use their iPod touch as a phone (via Skype), at only three bucks a month. (Plus your Skype fees, of course, but those won't be huge).

Well, given the ubiquity of NESPOT coverage, at least in Korea, who needs an iPhone when they can use iPod touch + Skype + $3/month NESPOT?

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iPod vs. Music phones

Mobile | 2006/07/24 10:17 | Web 2.0 Asia

I've got to catch up on my blog -- I've been swamped by all these meetings and projects.

According to this article, Apple has only 14% market share in the MP3 device market, while Nokia alone sells twice as many MP3 players as Apple does. The article is quite long, but a must read, if you are interested in mobile media.

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