, if Google is so serious about the online video as to buy YouTube at $1.6B, the company had better look at Korea since it can learn tons about online video there.

In Korea, online video is not an experiment—it is a success. It is a daily reality for most Koreans, not just for the young crowd or the techie set. The entire society has lived the broadband lifestyle for a while now, and is more attuned to its potential.
(Note: Google recently decided to set up a regional R&D office in Korea - despite the nuke test of North Korea.)

Meanwhile, one of the hottest news today in the Korean blogosphere was about the fall of "Mr Kim" - the somewhat mysterious man who made living by putting Japanese adult videos up on P2P sites, but today got arrested.

This "Mr Kim" guy is unbelievable; Over the last 2 years, he posted dozens of Japanese adult videos on Korean P2P sites every single day, ending up having uploaded a total of over 20,000 videos. That's a whopping 70% of all Japanese adult videos in Korea.

"Mr Kim" earned commissions from the file sharing sites, which normally charge customers some small money per megabytes downloaded.

Many Korean Netizens who have been enjoying (nearly) free consumption of illegally shared Japanese adult videos are now virtually "mourning" upon the arrest of "Mr Kim".

Korea is full of free or easily affordable online video content - from TV shows to porns. As such, a portion of Google Korea's recent investment might be used for "".
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