Yesterday, LG had a big launching and PR event for its new product, "The Shine". The Shine was to be a very important product for LG, since the company wants to continue its pleasant rebound, achieved largely by its smash-hit model, the Chocolate (approx 5 million units sold so far).

No wonder LG made sure nothing goes wrong with the Shine's launch, but then suddenly Samsung made a PR on a similar product, just before the Shine launch event.

Samsung on the left, LG the right

Samsung's product had already been out there for some time and is not exactly in the same market as the Shine's - Obviously the sole purpose of Samsung's PR was to "dilute" the Shine's market impact and thereby ruining LG's party. Now LG is complaining (quite rightfully I guess) that its 10-month effort for the Shine product launch got marred by Samsung's dirty PR play.

Competition is a good thing, but when the competition gets too heated and becomes a mudfight, that's not pretty at all.

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