I'm using a Macbook Pro, and I've been generally enjoying the experience so far. (My favorite part is the super-smooth keyboard.) But I have to buy a new computer now, because I cannot use Korean internet banking service on my Macbook Pro.

It's an Intel-based machine, so by running Windows XP (which I do all the time with Bootcamp), I'm supposed to be able to use whatever internet banking service if I just give in and install all those damn Active X's, right? Wrong.

An important piece of program that's also downloaded is a "keyboard protection" program, which freezes the Mac's keyboard. My keyboard gets jammed and I can't type in anything.

I thought there was something wrong with my Mac, but it seems all Mac users have problem with Korean banking sites. In Korea, you can't do monetary transactions on your Mac. Which means, you can't buy anything on Apple Store if you're a Mac user. Funny, ain't it?

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